2018 IAKF Profitability Series

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4 Course Schedule

  • February - March
  • April - June
  • July - September
  • October - December


  • Live Presentation of content is limited to 30 seats per class:
    • February 9, 2018 Edison, New Jersey
    • 9am to 2pm reserve seat by emailing connie@kumonfranchisee.com
    • Others to be added (Want a class in your area? Organize date and earn free tuition!)
  • Prior to course, CMFA must be submitted and must bring current rate structure to course
  • 4 weeks later roundtable discussion of implementation and tweaks to drive greater success
  • Access to conference video on time management and profitability prior to the course (not on website)

$400 per course (like Kumon, this is a long-term commitment $200 x 4 for the year).

This is a deep look at your center operations and a different way to look at your center in order to improve your profitability.