The International Association of Kumon Franchisees (IAKF) is an independent organization of Kumon franchisees which works collectively to strengthen the Kumon franchise system. The benefits of membership include full access to the resources of the IAKF website, an annual conference, regular updates, and discussion forums and blogs.


  • to establish and maintain a healthy business partnership with Kumon
  • to work towards a fair franchise agreement
  • to promote professionalism in our business
  • to facilitate members attaining professional income and building equity with our businesses


  • steadily growing membership of 600 members
  • affiliated with UK and Australia franchisee groups; working with Japan and Mexico associations
  • many ongoing regional meetings in raising IAKF awareness; members' forums/teleconferences
  • speaking on behalf of franchisees and resolving issues with management
  • meetings with top KNA management
  • continual guidance and advice from well respected franchise lawyer Andrew Selden

What Needs to be Done

  • grow membership beyond 50% - as membership grows, influence grows exponentially
  • support more and more networking and solidarity among franchisees
  • develop and facilitate implementation of successful business models
  • develop a real business partnership with Kumon
  • negotiate a fair franchise agreement



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